Leverage Data and Discover True Customer Value

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You have a brilliant business idea — a game-changer. So how can you maximize profitability and scale? With Sublytics.

Sublytics is dedicated to connecting subscription merchants with the most useful data for their businesses. Think of us as a guiding light — illuminating your path ahead so you can avoid pitfalls and maximize opportunities.

With Sublytics, it’s easy to find the source of your best customers, see how they interact with your marketing, and attract more of them, all from a single platform. We help you turn your data into dollars by tracking your customers’ true value to your business.

Subscription-specific marketing optimization data

Now you can optimize your marketing dollars and media placements through the lens of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Our dashboards make it easy to digest key takeaways while comparing data by source, campaign, ad group, ad, and custom UTM parameters. By focusing your marketing budget on your best performing placements, you can identify and acquire more of your most profitable customers.

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Your reports. Your way.

Too many platforms paint you into a corner with information that’s inflexible and irrelevant.

At Sublytics, we redesigned report generation so it’s easy to navigate through your data without feeling overwhelmed by information.

At the same time, our platform lets you personalize data like never before — allowing you to sort, filter and pivot all of your numbers in virtually limitless configurations. Drill down into the nitty gritty, or go for the high-level perspective. The choice is yours.

Sublytics gives you the power to look at your business from thousands of perspectives, transforming information into actionable insights that maximize profitability and scale.

Make operational efficiency more effective

Sublytics makes it easy to identify the root cause of operational issues that can damage the customer experience and cost you money. From one platform, you can examine reasons for churn, quickly identify shipping issues – including the shipments that don’t reach your customers, and hold your third-party providers accountable.

With this data in-hand, you can super-charge other third party providers such as email service providers and customer service agents by integrating our Cohort Creator. Increase the personalization to your customers, improve the customer experience and overall retention. 

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Find the trees. Uncover the Forest.

You built your business piece by piece. Now, it’s time to bring it all together with Sublytics. Our platform creates a go-to space for all your information, giving your team a deeper insight into the numbers that drive your day-to-day business functions. Sublytics normalizes the data across your providers, so you can switch your providers as your needs change without skipping a beat.

The profitability platform.

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Subscribe to our newsletter for  best practices to keep your most valuable customers longer – not a bad deal right?

Hey Data geeks


Subscribe to our newsletter for  best practices to keep your most valuable customers longer – not a bad deal right?

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