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We highlight a variety of benefits here on our site.  It’s important that you experience these benefits BEFORE you decide to pay.  This is why we kick off all relationships with a Free 30-Day Access to our platform with a backfill of your data from your platform(s).

Our pricing tiers reset every month – it corresponds with your business revenue levels at that time, so you can see the benefits if you have seasonality or other fluctuations throughout the year.

ALL TIERS get access to every report and feature, including:


Return on Ad Spend Reporting (with direct connections into Facebook and Google

Retention Trending and Churn Analysis

Multi-Attribution Reporting 

Cohort Generators

Email Marketing Connections (including Klaviyo)

Shipment Delivery and Disposition Status Analysis (US and CA)


Text/Email Alert Notifications

Saved Report Functionality

Customized Dashboard Per User

Drill-down Analysis for Customized Report Generation

……and much, much more



Monthly Revenue




Monthly Revenue




Monthly Revenue




Monthly Revenue


Long-term contracts are offered by companies with sub-par products.  We earn business by showing you value and revenue growth. If you ever feel like you’re not getting the value out of of Sublytics, you can cancel anytime.  Yes, we’re that confident.

You will see how you can make more money and scale your subscription business by leveraging our actionable data insights like you’ve never experienced before.

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