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Proactively answer the in depth questions your customers are asking, to keep them happy and spending more confidently.

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  • waiting months to get access to performance data from your customers, including publisher and product level retention and CLV data, to optimize & expand business?
  • spending hours drowning in spreadsheets, to aggregate data across multiple platforms to draw meaningful insights for your customers?
  • looking to get access to additional data points to expand the performance and use of your own technology?

Get access to the real-time data you both need,

to proactively drive profitable scale for both you and your customers.



Boost Marketing Spend and ROI

Enhance your value proposition and set yourself apart from your competitors. Leveraging our detailed performance marketing data, strategically optimize ads with your customers so you can provide streamlined and real-time insights into Customer Lifetime Value, CLV to CAC Ration, Retention and more. Acquire more customers and increase retention rates by partnering with Sublytics.


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Supercharge Your Technology

Wherever you sit in a merchant’s ecosystem (i.e.: Email Service Provider, Affiliate/Publisher Tracking Platform, Customer Service or Fulfillment Center), Sublytics can further enrich your data to supercharge your performance for your merchants. Acquire new customers by showcasing your value-add to Sublytics merchants by incorporating your performance related data in our platform.

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