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Our story

The idea of us working together started slowly but then quickly came together. We met up after our respective jobs and Sublytics started to take shape. Over the course of many after-hours meetings, happy hours and holiday/birthday celebrations, Sublytics was formed and we carved this path together and have been building it ever since.

The Founders

Jonathan Bishoff

Jonathan attended the University of Colorado where he earned degrees in both finance and economics. After graduating, he applied his education as a business analyst in the subscription billing industry. He noticed most businesses lacked access to data metrics vital for running their business. This provided the inspiration for a new technology platform that made data accessible and easily digestible. His overall passion is helping others succeed and, with this new platform, he achieved this.

When he’s not spending time with his wife and son in Denver or walking Diesel, his German Shepherd, he enjoys playing Stratego, backgammon or golf with his friends.

Ryan McWilliams

Ryan, a.k.a “The Brains of the Operation”, shares Jonathan’s passion for solving complex problems with simple and scalable solutions. His approach to technology is fluid and has adjusted as new techniques emerge. His belief is that a better solution is always available and that by improving solutions, we improve our customer’s businesses. This relentless drive keeps our platform ahead of the competitors and delivers unprecedented value for our customers.

Outside of work, Ryan enjoys time with his wife and four kids. He is an integral part of his community where he coaches youth basketball, baseball and football. If the day comes when he has free time, you will find him watching his favorite sport: Futbol.

Walter Long

Walter’s experience in the subscription economy goes back to 2002, where he managed sales efforts for a large DRTV brand that grew to $50M in ARR within 18 months. Shortly after, he’s been in a number of key roles in SaaS businesses, designed to help subscription merchants create greater profitability and scale. He’s been a featured speaker in a number of E-commerce and Subscription Trade Shows, and is a Co-Chair in SUBTA’s Growth and Marketing Committee.

Outside of work, Walter enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter hiking and running in the many beautiful trails that Colorado has to offer.

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