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High Level Performance

Customize thousands of data points within your dashboards to see what’s most important to you, when it’s important to you.


How are you trending compared to your historical metrics? How do you stack up within your vertical?


Who’s staying, who’s going? What does this look like by traffic source, promotion, etc. Get in front of those that are leaving and find more who’s staying.


Don’t wait months to see what retention, churn and CLV looks like. Identify metrics day 1 to capitalize on opportunities.


Access our knowledge base or speak with a pro. We’re here to guide every step of the way!

Customer Service Metrics

How are your agents performing? What do talk times, and hold times look like?


We find the needle in the haystack for you without having to search for it. Receive texts or emails based on pre-determined triggers.

Fulfillment Metrics

How long is it taking for your shipments to get delivered to different regions? Are some shipments not being delivered at all?

Actionable Insights

Good number or bad number? We identify the cause of problem areas and HOW you can make improvements.

360° Marketing Optimization

Identify your most profitable customers and see the creative, channel, and demographic information so you can acquire more of them.

Our Methodology


Pull data from over 20 sources and include in a single, one login view. Sources include affiliate tracking platforms, media platforms, shipping providers, telecommunications providers, billing platforms, CRMs, and others.


See the numbers that matter most and configure your own custom dashboards to access the data that means the most to you View your forecasted metrics so you know what’s around the corner so you can plan accordingly and take advantage of opportunities. We tell you if a number is good or bad and why. And what you can do about it to make it better.


Automate certain business processes based on the data. Customize and schedule your own email and text alerts, sync billing schedules and adjustments based on the delivery or your product, and more.

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Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Range $25,000 - $99,999 MRR $100,000 - $249,999 MRR $250,000 - $999,999 MRR $1M - $5M MRR
Sublytics Analytics $199 / month $499 / month $999 / month $1,499 / month
360° Marketing Optimization $0.0030 per click $0.0020 per click $0.0015 per click $0.0010 per click
Product Delivery to Billing Sync $0.20 per customer update $0.17 per customer update $0.15 per customer update $0.12 per customer update
Platform Utilization Fee Included Included Included Contact

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Access to Sr Level Analyst
Detailed Analytics
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Ad-hoc custom report and functionality generation

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